Visa Guidance

Each and every country have a different process and check list to file a visa. Axis Educos guides you with proper information based on country to country. Most of the students filing to multiple countries make mistakes while applying with same old documents of rejected visas.
Axis Educos teams guides first with the clarity information of check list for each country at stage one. All the check list information is available vision support services, Based on each countries checklist the guidelines are given on financial documents and the visa filing process.
Each and every country have certain clauses or guidelines to issue the student visa, Few countries also keep in view of credit rating of aspirants , few strictly verify medicals, few visa officers check health insurance and sound health not limit tooo keeping in mind vision tracks all possible information which can help students to get 100% success in visas.

Consolidated few points or list to remember

  1. Completed Student Application form.
  2. Bank draft for the applicable visa processing fees
  3. Offer letter from university/college
  4. Visa Application form
  5. TOEFL/ IELTS score sheet
  6. Copy of academic and work experience documents
  7. Valid passport
  8. Medical reports
  9. Passport size color photograph
  10. A copy of the in-principle approval letter Bank Loan
  11. Copy of Academic documents
  12. Bank statements, Pay slips etc
  13. travel document
  14. The letter of acceptance from the University
  15. Evidence of sponsorship.
  16. Present form I-20 A-B (also an electronic version of the same through SEVIS) that authenticates acceptance of the student at the DHS approved college.
  17. Proof of SEVIS I-901 fee payment
  18. Sufficient knowledge of English
  19. Financial capacity
  20. Proficiency in English
  21. Be of good character
  22. Overseas Student Health Cover

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