Why Study in Singapore ?

If you are living in India and do not know how good Singapore is, we believe you are probably kidding. But from your (students’) view point, we find some very practical reasons below:

Quality of Education:

Singapore is a premier knowledge hub and is intellectually enriching. It has a class of its own and everyone knows about it. Thus, something that students and parents may not be aware of is that you can check if the Institution has the certifications of ‘Singapore Quality Class (SQC)’ for Private Education Organizations (PEO) and ‘Case Trust’ for Education.
In simple terms, the above are quality marks and serve as industry standards in Singapore. The government of Singapore is very responsible and has proper mechanisms in place. This is what we believe and generally recommend only those (private) Institutions who have these quality marks. More about SQC-PEO and Case Trust can be read (in brief) at the end of this page.
Combination of East and West (degree): You can obtain a recognized foreign University degree (from US, UK, Australia & more) in Singapore at both – undergraduate and postgraduate level. Interestingly, these degrees in most cases will be cheaper as compared to studying the same in the respective Countries.

Cost (reasonably priced):

Both – course fees and living costs are relatively cheaper as compared to Western Countries (net savings folks). Remember, quality is superlative. Well, even flight tickets are cheap comparatively


So close from India….. direct flights may take about 5hrs and 30 mins (parents will be the happiest reading this)


Tropical. You definitely will not feel very cold in Singapore


Everyone in India knows that Singapore is extremely safe. To add, Indians form a major part of the total population and ‘Malay’ and ‘Tamil’ is one of the national languages. Singapore also has a ‘Little India’ (an ethnic district). Oh yes, you will find one odd relative living in Singapore rather easily


  • In app. 862 sq. kms. (size of Singapore), there are 7000+ MNCs. Does this information help?
  • Besides, Institutions have their Career Service Units (CSUs) to help find the right job
  • There are about 86,000 foreign students enrolled in Singapore at various public universities and private institutions, including offshore campuses of well-known Colleges from the US and Europe. Indian students joining Institutions in Singapore is increasing at 26% per year
  • Singapore is really the business hub of Asia – you should find jobs (that’s what we think, but you must study hard)


Do not worry. The visa process will take four weeks and the process is very simple. In fact, Singapore Institutions also apply for your visa making it all the more easy. Chances of getting a visa to study in Singapore are very high and you need not get tensed about attending rigorous interviews


Well, this is really a big benefit. Many Institutions have as many as four course start dates which literally means you can start your studies anytime in Singapore


  • If you have studied your degree in India in English medium and can get a documented proof of the same from your Institution, many Institutions DO NOT even need you to give any English language tests like IELTS / TOEFL and such others for admissions. Hurray!
  • The Government of Singapore spends a huge amount on education and it is among one of the top priorities of the government
  • The low tax policy in Singapore is one of the factors that have been drawing immigrants since a few decades
  • The standard of living in Singapore is high with ‘multiculturalism’ presenting a learning curve, which students will really appreciate
  • Did you know that IIT and IIM Alumni Associations exist in Singapore? In addition, linguistic-based groupings like the Bengali Association, the Punjabi Association and many others offer their help. These groups organize regular events focusing on professional networking as well as family based events
  • Few IVY League Universities (USA), SP Jain (Mumbai), several European and Australian Institutions like INSEAD (France), Heriot-Watt University (UK), UWIC (UK), Curtin University of Technology (Aus), James Cook University (Aus) and many more have set-up their campuses in Singapore or have collaborated with Institutions in Singapore
Come on guys, how much more do you need to know to find reasons for studying in Singapore? Simply, contact us and we will help…..
SQC-PEO recognizes PEOs that have attained a commendable level of performance in their journey to business excellence and to assist them to reach world-class standards of business excellence.
Case Trust: A PEO that achieves Case Trust for Education is certified as an organization that possesses the foundation for good quality student welfare/protection practices and standards. Such Institutions have clear fee policies, well trained personnel and such other mechanisms in place. Simply, this will give Indian students and their parents the added assurance that PEOs will offer highest possible standards of academic, organizational and student protection and welfare practices.

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