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New Zealand Education

The main reason Indians study overseas is to improve their employment opportunities in a globally-competitive market. The Indian higher education sector cannot at present meet the demand along with providing consistent quality across the vast not effectively regulated education sector. Higher education growth within India in the past few years has been largely through private universities and private colleges. However, these institutes are yet to gain the confidence of students and their parents along with the fact that these institutes have a fee structure which is increasingly getting closer to the international student education cost in some developed countries with very high standards of living. These prevailing circumstances leads students to take on precise, effective, quality, regulated and highly professional courses in some of these countries which also leads to effective global exposure and results for maximum career upgradation in a limited time period. India has one of the largest tertiary education systems in the world. However, the standard and quality of tertiary education varies widely. Students unsuccessful in gaining admission in India to the prestigious or even B-grade institutions, choose to study at less prestigious institutions, new private institutions or overseas. For many, study abroad is more appealing as international qualifications are also generally in demand by the globally based Indian business houses and they offer the possibility of finding employment overseas.

These thoughts lead us to believe the effectiveness of New Zealand Education wherein there are several reasons why New Zealand as a global destination helps ambitions become a reality for students from India. New Zealand helps disregard any apprehensions that students may have with the current education system in India. One of most important factors involves not having to spend significantly compared to some of the western countries or in some cases even more cost effective compared to some of the longer duration courses in India. New Zealand offers Bachelors and Masters level courses along with the preferred technical professional courses with duration varying from one year upto two year courses (16-20) months courses which allows students to gain work experience straightaway after completion of these courses leading to options for permanent settlement. Student-friendly immigration policies such as 12-month job search visas and two-year work permits after completion of courses are extremely competitive and persuasive.

New Zealand offers international education in almost every education sector imaginable while keeping the standard of education equivalent to any international standard of education along with being strongly influenced on the British education system therefore providing for ample global opportunities after completion of their education. New Zealand education development has been so rapid in the past few years due to its delivery that it has now become of the largest sectors of trade for New Zealand globally which is a tribute on how effective the education system has been in New Zealand.

New Zealand education is strongly very consistently audited by NZQA – New Zealand qualifications authority which provides qualification license to all education providers in New Zealand imparting education to international students which also includes providing qualification authority to each and every course provided as well by the education providers for international purposes. NZQA audits and keeps in check all these institutes therefore the education providers are consistently kept under the parameters of the highly rated education system and therefore consistent regulation of the complete education make certain the quality of education imparted by all kinds of institutes whether Government education providers or private institutes along with universities therefore negating any apprehensions that students may have of being falsely duped into substandard institutes. This is a positive even for the investors -student's parents or sponsors who may have certain insecurities about not investing wisely into the student's education as they are important as they have to invest a vast amount of funds for international education and they should be satisfied with their investments as in an average Indian household it is usually a one time final education investment towards their child.

New Zealand education system allows students with opportunities post education in New Zealand by providing for a Graduate job search visa to upgrade their career effectively by applying for various job opportunities related to their studies and make the most of their education completed in New Zealand. There are further opportunities for these post education working individuals to further make New Zealand their permanent country of residence. According to local market research, Indian students are attracted to New Zealand as an education destination primarily due to the affordable cost, attractive post-education work rights, and the possibility of gaining permanent residency after completion.

Along with this the standard of living in New Zealand is one of the very best in the world. New Zealand provides for open ended opportunities for students to fulfill their ambitions by upgrading their career and making their growth story a reality without having any inhibitions of future insecurity therefore providing them with courage to make effective career related decisions which are simplistic to make in a developed country like New Zealand.

In June 2009 the Global Peace Index (www.visionofhumanity.org) rated New Zealand as the most peaceful country in the world. The news created a marketing opportunity at a time when Indian students have become highly sensitive about racial abuse.