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Application Development

During the process of admission/counselling, you will need to attend the visa seminar where our counselors will explain visa regulations and give you advice on assessment criteria.

Our counselors will then conduct a visa assessment and help you prepare your student visa file. This process would involve getting together your additional documents to complete the application before it is ready to be lodged for a visa application.

The final step would involve the application being edited by the managing partners themselves using their previous Immigration experience with the New Zealand High Commission to process your application and to make sure everything is in place and only a completed edited application is lodged.

We at Axis Educos use our previous experience while taking decisions for students who have applied for visa applications to the High Commission and thereby deciding their fate with the best possible decision making skills in this industry.

We understand the importance of this step which involves lodgment of visa applications and we don't like to take any chances whatsoever in this regard while assessment of the applications therefore we make sure that our final product match up to the thought process of an immigration officer so that there are no shortcomings on the final result.

Axis Educos provides niche services which are unmatched and unparalleled which ultimately involves simple smooth processing of the application while taking out any false perceptions and apprehensions that the student may perceive and eliminate their doubts completely.